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REAL investors, Real mentors, PRACTICAL resources, and a POWERFUL network dedicated to your growth.

Learn how to get your FIRST or NEXT deal within the next 30 days using our tried and true off-market deal generation machine!

Learn how to fix and flip, understand construction, and flip houses using NONE of your own money!

Stop Wasting Time on Hit-or-Miss Investments, Forget Guesswork in Real Estate, Bypass Common Mistakes, and Unveil the Secrets to Becoming a Successful Investor!


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What do you get as a Community Member?


Real Side community was built for investors are sick of the online gurus with fluffy content! Real Side members are getting real life changing results. Join the community if you want to learn how to wholesale real estate and flip houses!


The Real Side Community is a network of HUNDREDS of real estate investors with a common goal - financial freedom through real estate. There are people from across the United States with diverse backgrounds to ensure YOU connect and network with only the best!


You will be able to ask questions and learn from our wholesaling team, property management team, construction management, content team, title team, inspection team, office management, AND hundreds of other established investors within the community


Continued education (100+ hours of pre recorded trainings), custom CRM with developer, live questions answered 24/7, special guests, and personal accountability each community member!

Expert-Led Community

Learn from a nation wide network of successful investors actively putting into work.

Collaborative Network

Connect with hundreds of investors nationwide for partnerships, deals, funding, and invaluable friendships.

Live Coaching Calls 3x Weekly

Real-time strategies, deal analysis, and personalized answers to propel your real estate education.

What Do The Community Calls Look Like?

Here is a FULL Tuesday Community Call. Tuesdays are Wholesaling, Thursdays are Fix and Flip!

These calls are 1 hour long and is the community's time to connect with one another, further education, get questions answered in real time, showcase community wins, and live deal analysis! As the community grows, we will be adding more weekly calls!


"It's awesome how talkative and ready to help out the people inside the community!"

...but what really Andy and Tommy help the most is helping you build and automate the off market pipeline.

"you're getting access to people that'e done one deal and people that have done hundreds of deals."

"Real Side is doing a great job in bringing newer and more experience investors together so that everyone benefits"

"...streamlined the process of wholesaling to where I knew exactly what to do and how to do it, to where I'm able to get my first deal closed for $17,000. here about a week ago"

"the most beneficial thing is being able to be a part of the community and ask other like-minded investors for help."

"They are like the bridge between the analysis paralysis and taken action."

...So one year ago, almost to the day I started my journey. I've done well over six figures in wholesaling... I don't truly think I would've ever had the confidence to do that stuff without the support of those guys and the support of the community.

...every time that we have a weekly call, we have a lot of people from rocky stage to a more experience stage. All like minded people in one call. And that is like eye opening for me.


REAL investors, Real mentors, PRACTICAL resources, and a POWERFUL network dedicated to your growth.