Meet Tom Harr & Andy Karabinos!

Tom, a 29-year-old home inspector turned real estate investor born and raised in Pickerington, Ohio. By the time he was 27 he was financially free and a millionaire through real estate investing, starting with $0 in his bank account! All because he learned a blue collar skill and took action to invest in real estate, specifically fix and flipping, wholesaling, and the BRRRR Method!

He's been in real estate for 7 years. After college, he jumped full time in his Dad's home inspection company. During that time he'd 5x revenue, systemized the business, and inspected over 5000 houses. Using that knowledge, he has renovated over 150 houses to flip OR to keep as rentals using the BRRRR method. He has wholesaled 200+ deals, have a 70-unit rental portfolio worth $15 million, and 25 STRs managed in house all alongside Andy. He was featured twice on Business Insider in 2022. Have coached over 300 students nationwide on how to invest in real estate.

He retired his mom from her teaching job of 30 years in 2022 to run his Airbnb company, sell all of their flips, and design all of their renovations! All of that happened in years, and you can do it too.

Andy, born and raised in Columbus. Graduated from Ohio State in operations management in 2012 with a Bachelor's degree. While in College full time, he also became partners of a very small car dealership in Columbus. He learned a ton during that experience. Eventually the other owner passed away and he became the sole owner and was thrown straight into the fire of business while finishing college. After a couple years of being the sole owner, he realized he was in over his head. After some financial hardships exited that business and spent the next 5 years as a Finance Manager and Sales Manager at a Franchised dealership. He learned so much more about the proper way to run a business, long term growth and how to sustain it, how to manage others, and so much more.

In 2019, he mustered up the skills and courage to quit that very good paying job and move into real estate. With the sales experience, management experience, and knowing what to avoid through the last 10 years of experience, he began adding to my portfolio and slowly learning how to do flips and wholesaling.

In 2020, Tom and Andy began to bring our strengths together and through that synergy they have built a team and a process of finding properties at a discount, managing the rentals and construction process, all while providing a living for other people.

Together they have created the Real Side Of Real Estate. Where regular people can create extraordinary wealth!


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